Tropical Estudios

Tropical Estudios is a encompasses two business units: Tropical Films, an audiovisual production company, and Tropical Records, a recording studio. The project focuses on the rebranding of Tropical Films, creating a visual identity consistent with its values and philosophy, and the development of a website that clearly communicates its value proposition. Methodologies such as design thinking, lean UX and agile were applied to create functional and attractive prototypes, which are currently being implemented.


Tropical Estudios


Web Design, Visual Development, Branding, Creative Consultant


Wordpress, Figma

The Challenge

The main challenge was to create a visual identity that would reflect the essence and values of Tropical Films, and that would establish an effective communication strategy. In addition, it was required to develop a website that would clearly and objectively convey the brand’s value proposition. The project had to follow an agile approach to adapt to changing needs and be managed in phases.

The Solution

A rebranding process was carried out that included the definition of Tropical Films’ visual identity, from the logo design to the selection of colors and typographies. We worked on a communication strategy to be implemented in phases, prioritizing the creation of the website as a starting point. Methodologies such as design thinking and lean UX were used to develop functional and aesthetically appealing prototypes that are currently being implemented.

The Outcome

The result so far is a consistent visual identity aligned with Tropical Films’ values. A functional and aesthetically appealing website prototype was created and is being implemented in the first phase of the project. The communication strategy and agile approach allows the company to adapt to market needs and changes. The Tropical Estudios case study demonstrates my ability to work on rebranding and web development projects, applying effective methodologies and generating impactful results.