Trakea is a mobile application that allows users to effectively track their tasks and projects. With its artificial intelligence integration, the app segments tasks by estimated time and provides a productive framework to accomplish each assignment. In addition, it features a concentration system that helps users focus on each task step by step. At the end, the application provides goal evaluations and detailed reports on the time spent on each activity. Trakea is an innovative solution for companies looking to monitor the work of their employees and improve productivity.


Bussines Idea – MVP


Web Design, Visual Development, Branding, Visual Identity, UX Design, UI Design, Creative Consultant


Framer, Flutterflow, Figma

The Challenge

The market for task management applications is saturated, but many of them require extensive manual scheduling. The challenge was to create a desktop and mobile application that would allow companies to efficiently connect with their employees, offering an automated, artificial intelligence-based solution for assigning and tracking tasks.

The Solution

Trakea was developed as a mobile and desktop application that simplifies task management by offering an intuitive and automated experience. It was based on extensive market research, interviews and surveys of existing users of other similar applications. An opportunity was identified to integrate a chatbot that could receive documents and instructions, assign tasks according to roles and workgroups, and generate detailed reports for each job and day. The application was designed with a clear information architecture, and personas and empathy maps were created to understand user needs.

The Outcome

Trakea was presented as a high-definition working prototype, with an attractive design and optimized user experience. Usability testing was conducted to get feedback and the design was iterated on based on the findings. The Trakea project is a testament to my experience in digital product development, applying UX/UI principles and using tools like Figma and Flutterflow to materialize ideas and bring them to an advanced prototyping state.