Nebuma International

The project consisted of developing the brand identity and website for Nebuma International, a sports talent agency that offers comprehensive services such as sponsorship, image consulting and public relations. The goal was to create a brand that would connect with a youth audience passionate about soccer and to launch a website that would provide information and a form system to recruit young talent, sports clubs and agents.


Nebuma International


Web Design, Visual Development, Visual Identity, UX Design, UI Design


Wordpress, Figma

The Challenge

The main challenge was to develop a brand identity that reflected the passion and dynamism of the soccer world, while conveying professionalism and confidence to potential talents, clubs and agents. In addition, a functional website was required that provides detailed information about Nebuma International’s services and allows for efficient recruitment of new talent and clients.

The Solution

A vibrant, modern brand identity was created using bold colors and soccer-related graphic elements. The brand was designed to appeal to a youthful audience and convey Nebuma International’s expertise and strength in the sports talent industry. As for the website, an interactive and easy-to-navigate platform was developed, presenting in a clear and detailed manner the services offered by the agency. A customized form system was implemented, allowing young talents, sports clubs and agents to communicate directly with Nebuma International, thus facilitating the recruitment and management of new talents.

The Outcome

The result was a strong and attractive brand that connects with the youth audience passionate about soccer and conveys confidence and professionalism. The launched website provides detailed information about Nebuma International’s services and offers an efficient system for recruiting talent, clubs and agents. This case study demonstrates my ability to develop effective brand identities and functional websites that are tailored to the specific needs of a sports talent agency.