Mini Universo

The project focused on the development of a website for Mini Universe, an organization dedicated to organizing the largest and fastest growing international children’s beauty pageant. The main objective was to create an online platform aligned with the brand’s values that would promote and professionalize the pageant. We sought to establish a strong connection with international sponsors and franchises, and plan continuous improvements to expand the site’s functions and features.


Mini Universo


Web Design, Visual Development, UX Design, UI Design, Visual Design, Creative Consultant


Wordpress, Figma

The Challenge

The main challenge was to develop a website that reflects the essence and values of Mini Universe, while providing a platform to connect with international sponsors and franchises. It required an attractive and functional interface that highlights the beauty of the contestants and conveys the professionalism and global reach of the pageant. In addition, a scalable approach was needed to allow for future enhancements and upgrades to keep up with changing market demands.

The Solution

A website was designed and developed that captured the essence of Mini Universe and attractively presented relevant information about the pageant. A visually striking design approach was used and interactive elements were incorporated to highlight the beauty and elegance of the contestants. The website included sections dedicated to sponsors and franchises, with the aim of establishing strong business relationships and promoting international expansion. In addition, a flexible architecture was implemented, allowing for future enhancements and the addition of new features according to Mini Universe’s needs.

The Outcome

The result is a professional and attractive website that reflects the values of Mini Universo and serves as a platform to connect with international sponsors and franchises. The launched version of the website positioned Mini Universo as a high-level children’s beauty pageant and attracted the interest of major brands in Latin America. The Mini Universo case study demonstrates my ability to develop websites that promote events and organizations, connect with international audiences and provide a visually stunning and functional experience.